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Become an IAMCR ambassador

Ambassador Hotel, photo (cc)

The Executive Board (EB) of the International Association for Media and Communication Research has decided to establish a worldwide network of IAMCR Ambassadors to promote and represent the Association. We are inviting expressions of interest from members interested in volunteering to be IAMCR Ambassadors in their own country or region.

Description: IAMCR Ambassadors will be tasked with creatively promoting the mandate, distinctiveness and membership of IAMCR as an international association of media and communication scholars in the country and/or region where she/he is located. We will expect ambassadors to explore opportunities to expand IAMCR's footprint in their country or region through publicity, events, and other strategies that will build the association's membership and reputation. This can include working with university departments of media and communication, existing local and regional media and communication research bodies and think tanks, and NGOs involved in media advocacy and research.

IAMCR Ambassadors will be chosen for their creativity, initiative and independence as well as their connection with their academic community, their experience and their knowledge of IAMCR. Ambassadors will serve for 3-year periods and will be answerable to the Executive Board. Ambassadors will submit a bi-annual report to the EB and maintain regular communication with the IAMCR Secretariat.

Given the vital role that IAMCR Ambassadors will play in the organization, they will be listed on the IAMCR website with their photographs and biographies. Their activities will be featured in the IAMCR newsletter and website and their reports will be shared with the International Council and the membership.

Process: Applicants should send a proposal to the EB that clearly outlines a creative solution related to promotion of the IAMCR in his/her country or region. The proposal should include creative ways to expand IAMCR's membership.

All applications will be screened by an EB panel, which will use the following criteria to choose IAMCR ambassadors:

  • Knowledge of and connection to key actors in the national/regional media and communication research field
  • Knowledge of IAMCR and IAMCR in the country/region
  • Knowledge of current gaps and opportunities
  • An understanding of key target groups
  • Willingness to develop a 3-year plan with clear outcomes and understanding of how this plan will contribute to strengthening IAMCR
  • Evidence of personal initiative and creativity in thinking through pathways and solutions

Additionally, applicants will need to include the names and email addresses of two references from the country or region, who can vouch for the applicant's suitability and commitment.

Applications can be sent at any time and will be considered by the EB on an ongoing basis. Please send applications to Janet Wasko, President of IAMCR, at president [at]

The position of IAMCR Ambassador is voluntary and the association is not able to finance Ambassadors' activities.

We look forward to hearing from those interested in becoming involved in this way with IAMCR, the world's leading professional organisation in the field of media and communication research.

Janet Wasko

President, IAMCR