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Submitting proposals for publication

The Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research series editors invite IAMCR members, and particularly Sections Heads and Working Groups Chairs, to submit publication proposals that reflect the collective work of IAMCR bodies in different fields of inquiry.

Authors/editors of relevant work published in languages other than English are also invited to submit proposals for texts to be translated and included in the series. The cost for translation is to be carried by the proponent, who, however, will be encouraged to apply, through the book series editors, for IAMCR’s (partial) financial support.

Queries and proposals should be addressed to: Marjan de Bruin  (marjandebruin [at] and Claudia Padovani (claudia.padovanI [at]

Criteria for publication proposals, consistent with the series’ aims and approach, are listed on the proposal form to be used for submitting book proposals. The form is available here.

Once approved by the series editors the proposal is passed to Palgrave for formal consideration and review. The series editors identify at least two reviewers, experts in the specific area, for a blind peer review of the proposal; the review process itself is administrated by Palgrave in coordination with the series editors. The series editors may be in touch with the proponents sharing suggested changes to be addressed.

Once the reviews are positive, a decision is made by the series editors and Palgrave. The Advisory Board, through regular progress reports, will be kept informed about approved proposals.

Palgrave will prepare and handle the contracts between the proponents and the publisher. The contract will address all relevant aspects, e.g. deadlines for completion of manuscript, length, etcetera. After the contract is signed, correspondence will usually take place between Palgrave and the proponents.

When the manuscript is publisher ready, it is submitted to Palgrave directly and would usually undergo a final review (or clearance read).  Should any further recommendations be made at this stage proponents will have the opportunity to revise the manuscript accordingly.  This process would usually take around 2 months.  Once the final manuscript has been submitted, it will be passed to production and finished copies are usually produced in 6 months.  In the case of translated volumes the time of production may be longer. Proponents can, if they wish, consult the series editors on any relevant matter that may arise during the production process but their main point of contact will Palgrave.

Download the proposal form.