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Teletext in Europe: From the Analogue to the Digital Era

Teletext in Europe: From the Analogue to the Digital Era

By Hallvard Moe & Hilde Van den Bulck (Eds.)

The book focuses on the ‘forgotten’ medium of teletext in Europe. It starts from the assumption that a closer look at teletext not only helps us to better understand the medium, but yield insight into more general issues regarding media technology, media policy, media use and, indeed, media studies. The book combines an analysis of teletext as a medium from a policy, sociological and artistic point of view, with empirical case studies of teletext in nine European countries. It explores the history, contemporary position and future of teletext as a medium in its own right but also focuses on how teletext, despite the lack of attention from both policy makers and academics alike, has been a key force in wider media and ICT development. As such, despite the medium’s tremendous success, this is the first academic analysis of teletext in Europe.

Table of contents

Teletext in Europe. An Introductory Guide to the Book
Hilde Van den Bulck & Hallvard Moe


1 Why Media Researchers Don’t Care About Teletext
Hilde Van den Bulck & Hallvard Moe

2 Is It Just Text?
Raquel Meyers

3 What Is Teletext? A Phenomenological Description
Lars Nyre


4 Teletext in Flanders. A Medium Hiding in Plain Sight
Hilde Van den Bulck

5 Back to the Future. What Teletext’s Past Tells Us About the Future Relationship Between Public Service Media and Publishers in Switzerland
Manuel Puppis, Samuel Studer & Edzard Schade

6 The Old Reliable. Teletext as a Survivor of Digitalization of TV in Finland
Marko Ala-Fossi

7 Super Teletext. A Social Shaping of Teletext as Locating Newness in a Media Convergence Future
Pernilla Severson

8 The Icelandic Public Service Broadcaster RÚV’s Teletext Service Textavarpið and Media Change
Ole J. Mjøs

9 Freedom of Information and Divides in the Digital Age. Teletext and Internet Use in Norway
Hallvard Moe

10 Teletext as a New Media Promoter in Croatia. Surviving War and Transition
Mato Brautović & Tena Perišin

11 The Italian Way to Teletext. The History, Structure and Role of Televideo Rai
Luca Barra & Gabriele Balbi

12 Teletext and Videotex in France. From Innovative Social Media to Objects of Cultural Memory
Lyombe Eko

Postscript. Lessons from Analyses of a Forgotten Medium
Hallvard Moe & Hilde Van den Bulck

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Title: Teletext in Europe: From the Analogue to the Digital Era
Editors: Hallvard Moe, Hilde Van den Bulck
Published: 2016
Pages: 249
Publisher: Nordicom
ISBN: 978-91-87957-20-8

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