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Registration for IAMCR 2018

Oregon 2018
Personal Details

Mobile or office telephone number including country code
e.g. (555) 555-1212 or +31 42 123 4567

Type of registration

Fulltime students who have not yet completed a PhD are eligible for student fees. Students will be required to provide official student identification or a letter from their university when they complete their registration and collect their conference badge in Eugene.

Other items (all prices are in US dollars)

The Green Gala Dinner will take place on Saturday 23 June and feature Pacific Northwest cuisine, local microbrews and Oregon wines, and a range of lively music for your dancing pleasure. The cost is only $10 USD for conference participants, but you must reserve your place when you register.

Access to the electronic versions of the conference program (web and app based) are included in the conference fee. You can also purchase a printed version

The OCS submission number is a 5 digit number between 17000 and 20000. It was included in the confirmation email you received when you submitted your abstract and in the message you received when your abstract was accepted for presentation. If you did not submit a paper, leave this field blank.

IAMCR 2018 participants are invited to contribute to offset the environmental impact of their travel. All contributions will be used to support socially-responsible projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases while supporting communities. Recommended contributions to compensate for short-haul flights start at $10 and for longer intercontinental flights up to $50 or more.

The opening ceremony will include a keynote speech and be followed by a reception.
A General Assembly of IAMCR's membership takes place every two years.

IAMCR 2018 suppliers have been asked not to serve pork or shellfish. You can also choose from the above options.

The organisers are striving to make the conference fully accessible. Please let us know if you have any special access requirements (wheelchair, etc.)

Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy