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IAMCR 2018 - Eugene, Oregon
IAMCR 2018 will take place in Eugene, Oregon, USA from 20-24 June. The conference theme is: "Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World"
Advancing Media Production Research
"Health Communication in the Changing Media Landscape: Perspectives from Developing Countries". The 5th title in the "Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research" series.
IAMCR is the worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research. Its members promote global inclusiveness and excellence within the best traditions of critical research in the field.
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This report is an update on the activities that IAMCR President Robin Mansell has been directly involved in since the Taipei conference in July 2005 when the International Council of IAMCR last met.  It is meant to give members an sense of what initiatives are underway on various fronts.
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The mission of this Section is to provide opportunities and venues for association by all those who are interested in the broadest issues and problems of global communication. The limitations to communication across distance have been displaced, but in their place are new challenges and opportunities. Within the International Communication Section...
Section President meeting 06.09.2001 in Budapest


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