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Networks, Movements and Technopolitics in Latin America
"Networks, Movements and Technopolitics in Latin America". Edited by Francisco Sierra and Tommaso Gravante, this is the 7th book in the Palgrave/ IAMCR Series Global Transformations in Media and Communication...
Advancing Media Production Research
Media Convergence and Deconvergence
"Media Convergence and Deconvergence". The 6th title in the Palgrave/IAMCR "Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research" series. Edited by Sergio Sparviero, Corinna Peil & Gabriele...
IAMCR 2018 - Eugene, Oregon
IAMCR 2018 will take place in Eugene, Oregon, USA from 20-24 June. The conference theme is: "Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World"
IAMCR is the worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research. Its members promote global inclusiveness and excellence within the best traditions of critical research in the field.
We are currently updating this section.
Ellie Rennie. (2006). Community Media: A Global Introduction. Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham.
This concise text  helps readers understand the ongoing fascination with do-it-yourself media around the world. A clear and useful guide for students, Community Media lays out the...
General information
Ten minutes is reserved for each paper presentation. For those
sessions with discussants, 10 minutes is reserved for comments by these
persons. Between 5 and 10 minutes is available for general discussion,
depending on the time taken by authors presenting papers and
discussants. Meeting rooms are to be announced later.
Community Communication Program
The Community Communication and Alternative Media section focuses on media that originates, circulates and resonates from the sphere of civil society. Broadly defined, this is the field of communication that exists outside of the state and the market (often non-government and non-profit), yet which may interact with both.  We seek to advance...
In addition to research papers, the section welcomes the submission
of panel proposals on current issues and problems in the field. 
Applicants should submit a 500 word abstract that describes the topic
of their research and its significance, their theoretical framework,
and their methods.  Submissions in the author’s native language must


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