IAMCR books

Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research

Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research offers systematic and comprehensive opportunities for the publication of key research and intellectual debates, to reflect the intellectual capital of IAMCR. Read this article for general information about the series and the Advisory Board.

The Handbook of Media Education Research

Edited by Divina Frau-Meigs, Sirkku Kotilainen, Manisha Pathak-Shelat, Michael Hoechsmann and Stuart R. Poyntz, 2020

This timely volume discusses recent developments in the field in the context of related scholarship, public policy, formal and non-formal teaching and learning, and DIY and community practice.

Members' books

Let's Write About Science

Edited By Lutz Peschke, this book contributes to the discourse about science communication strategies from different perspectives.

The Handbook of Communication Rights, Law, and Ethics

Edited by Loreto Corredoira, Ignacio Bel Mallen and Rodrigo Cetina Presuel, this book delivers an extensive review of the challenges facing modern communication rights.

African Communication Systems and the Digital Age

By Eno Akpabio, this book covers African communication systems, discussing modes and forms of communication across West, East and Southern Africa and comparing them with traditional and new media.

African Language Media

Edited By Abiodun Salawu, this volume considers why the African language press is unstable and what can be done to develop quality African language journalism into a sustainable business.