News from the Ambassadors Network

The IAMCR Executive Board (EB) extends a warm welcome to our newly appointed PhD ambassador Nicole K. Stewart, from the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada. The IAMCR EB also congratulates Brian Pindayi on continuing his mandate as a faculty ambassador in Zambia. 

Gemma Garcia Lopez from the USA and Leah Jerop Komen from Kenya leave the network of ambassadors at the end of their mandates. We are thankful to both of them for their valuable contributions to IAMCR and for performing the role of an ambassadorship with dedication and tenacity. 

IAMCR established the global network of ambassadors in 2015 to bring members together for contributing to IAMCR's aim to support and develop communication and media research throughout the world through intellectual exchange, networking and sociality. IAMCR Ambassadors programme aims to expand IAMCR's footprint worldwide, build and retain the association's membership and reputation, and publicise and promote the association's work in relevant academic and policy fields. 

The network continues to grow; however, we still have some way to go to more fully reflect the diversity and international reach of IAMCR's membership. IAMCR welcomes new applications to become IAMCR faculty ambassadors and IAMCR PhD ambassadors. More information about the initiative, can be found here; if you wish to have further information on becoming an ambassador or the details on how to apply, you can take a look at the open call for ambassadors. Moreover, you can contact Mazlum Kemal Dağdelen, the ambassador initiative coordinator and the assistant of Nico Carpentier, IAMCR president. If you are interested in joining the network, see the article Become an IAMCR ambassador.