Application for the IAMCR peace fellowships

IAMCR peace fellowshipsComplete the form below to apply for the IAMCR peace fellowships. 

The deadline for applications is 15 December 2023 at 23h59 UTC.

This joint proposal has to include the following elements:

  • A description of the specific, clearly-demarcated and focussed academic theme of the collaboration between the two scholars (max. 1000 words);
  • A description of the process of the planned collaboration (max. 500 words);
  • A description of the planned academic outputs (expected minimum of one peer-reviewed academic publication) and other outputs (max. 500 words);
  • A description of: (1) the relationship of the scholars to each other; (2) the relationship of the scholars with the regions or communities in antagonistic conflict (e.g., being based there, having a strong engagement with the region or community), and (3) the nature of the antagonistic conflict itself (max. 500 words);
  • A brief note describing any particular security needs of one or both scholars, if there are any (e.g., in relation to required discreteness or even anonymity) (max. 500 words);
  • The CVs of both scholars. 

All fields are required.

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Applicant 1
Complete the fields below with the information from one of the applicants of the joint proposal.
Applicant 2
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Upload your proposal
You can upload the entire proposal in one file, or in up to 8 separate files. Your proposal must be named with both applicants last names, in lower caps and separated by a dash. If you will be uploading several files, include the file number (e.g. jones-miller-1, jones-miller-2, etc)
Maximum 8 files.
3 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.