Beijing 2022 online

Plenary Sessions

IAMCR 2022 will feature 5 plenary sessions: the opening, three thematic plenaries and the closing. It all starts 11 July.

Online Conference Papers (OCP)

1,142 Online Conference Papers and hundreds of presentations by authors in 86 countries arranged in 263 sessions organised by 33 thematic Sections and Working Groups.

Section and Working Group Video Sessions

See the overall schedule and details of each video session prepared by Sections and Working Groups. The sessions will be released during the week of 11-15 July.

Flow34: Virtual Cinema

The 13 videos will be available here from 11 July. Watch them here

Partner Sessions

Videos produced by various IAMCR committees, task forces and awards and sessions produced by our partners will appear here from 11 July.

OCP Interactive Sessions

The schedules and Zoom details of OCP Interactive Sessions are published.