What candidates have to say

In this page we will feature messages from candidates for the Executive Board and International Council, addressed to all IAMCR members:

Messages from candidates for the Executive Board

Nico Carpentier - Candidate for President

As a candidate for president I have prepared a series of statements. I will not burden you with long declarations of intent in this text, but I warmly invite you to read the text that I wrote ("Quo Vadis, IAMCR?"), and to watch the five videos (called "Lockdown fireside talks") that I produced for this purpose.

You'll find them here:

* Quo Vadis, IAMCR? >

http://nicocarpentier.net/quovadisIAMCR.html(in English, Spanish, Portuguese, an Mandarin)

* Lockdown fireside talks >


These documents contain my perspective on the future of IAMCR, and it is on the basis of these ideas that I invite you to vote for me, as candidate president. It is no secret that organisations with a long history of existence are a bit averse to change (and IAMCR is not different in this regard). Your vote for me will also matter to strengthen the push for what I see as the further improvement of an already well-running (and well-managed) organisation.

Messages from candidates for the International Council

César Bolaño


Dear colleagues,

Last month, I presented my candidature for the IAMCR International Council (IC).

Some of you know my activities as the Brazilian member of the PES, former President of Latin American Communication Researchers Association (ALAIC), former IAMCR EB member and current member of the International Council.

Being in the IC, I have still more conditions to stimulate the dialogue among researchers and institutions, putting together and promoting common production from different regions colleagues. I have had experience with it and the promotion of critical thinking participating with various colleagues in the improvement of regional dialogue, including the IAMCR-ALAIC agreement, and European, Asia and Latin American events and projects. Therefore, I ask you to vote for my continuity in the IC.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes,

César Bolaño.


Queridos amigos,

Unas pocas palabras en español para pedirles apoyo a mi postulación para el Consejo Internacional de IAMCR/AIERI/AIECS.

Creo que he hecho un trabajo correcto hasta el momento, centrado en el apoyo a las iniciativas latino-americanas y en la articulación de las/os investigadoras/es con las asociaciones regionales, al lado de muchos de los compañeros que se encuentran en este listado. Espero poder seguir representando a los investigadores e investigadoras de América Latina en el Consejo Internacional de la IAMCR/AIERI/AIECS.

Muchas gracias.

Saludos y muito obrigado, César Bolaño. 


Chers amis

Le mois dernier j’ai présenté ma candidature au Conseil International de l’IAMCR.

Plusieurs entre vous connaissez mon activité comme le membre brésilien de la Section d’Economie Politique d’AIERI, ancien Président de l’Association Latino-américaine des Chercheurs en Communication (ALAIC), ancien membre de la direction d’AIERI et actuel membre du Conseil International.   

Dans le Conseil International j’ai plus de conditions pour essayer de stimuler le dialogue entre chercheurs et institutions dans le sens d’articuler et promouvoir la production commune entre collègues de différents régions. J’ai expérience dans cette matière et dans la promotion de la pensée critique, en participant avec plusieurs collègues dans le développement du dialogue régional, incluent l’accord ALAIC-AIERI et des initiatives, à l’intérieur d’AIERI, de collaboration entre Europe, Asie et Amérique Latine.

Je vous demande, donc de voter pour ma continuité comme membre du Conseil. Merci beaucoup.


César Bolaño.