IAMCR Ambassador in Kenya - Leah Jerop Komen

Dr. Leah Jerop Komen

Leah Jerop Komen, is a senior lecturer and Deputy Director of research ,publications, consultancy and the postgraduate bureau at Daystar University, Kenya. She holds a masters in development communication from Daystar University and a PhD in new media and development from University of East London.  Her research interests include: the domestication of mobile communication technologies in Sub Saharan Africa and how human-technology and context interrelationships form part of social assemblages that intersect for Development.

Leah Jerop Komen,PhD  
Deputy Director, 
Research, Publications, Consultancy & Postgraduate Bureau
Seniour lecturer, School of Communication
Daystar University,Kenya
email: lkomen [at] daystar.ac.ke 
Twitter: lkomen1