IAMCR Election Results

ImageThe results of the 2008 IAMCR elections were announced during the opening session of the IAMCR Congress on Monday 21 July in Stockholm

Annabelle Sreberny has been elected as the new President of IAMCR. John Downing and Ruth Teer-Tomaselli are the newly elected Vice-Presidents. Ole Prehn was reelected Secretary General and Beate Josephi is the new Treasurer. See below the complete list of newly elected positions.

Click on the names of the the newly elected Executive Board members to read  their electoral statements.

     Annabelle Sreberny (UK)

Vice Presidents
     John Downing (USA)
     Ruth Teer-Tomaselli (South Africa)

Secretary General
     Ole Prehn (Denmark)

     Beate Josephi (Australia)

International Council
     Seon-Gi Baek (Korea)
     Andrew Calabrese (USA)
     Hemant Joshi (India)
     Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock (Greece)
     Gabriel Kaplun (Uruguay)
     Wolfgang Kleinwächter (Germany)
     Claudia Padovani (Italy)
     Marc Raboy (Canada)
     Katharine Sarikakis (UK)
     John Sinclair (Australia)
     Pradip Thomas (Australia)
     Daya Thussu (UK)
     Thomas Tufte (Denmark)
     Esa Väliverronen (Finland)
Elena Vartanova (Russia)