Paris 2007 - Communication Policy and Technology Section Call for Papers

Paris 2007Communication Policy and Technology (CP&T) Section

50th Anniversary Conference, Paris, July 23-25, 2007
‘Media, Information, and Communication: Celebrating 50 years of Theories and Practice’

History is patient, the future waits

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the IAMCR, the CP&T Section will devote its entire programme to the future of communication policy research and emerging technology applications.

Authors are invited to submit papers that:

  • Identify and discuss new agendas, new approaches and present innovative methods in future and emerging communication research
  • Identify and critically analyse innovative ICT strategies and policies that offer the prospect of positively transforming people, their communities and societies
  • Analyse nascent communication technologies, their design, proposed implementation and intended uses, within specific social and policy contexts
  • Assess the new possibilities, benefits and limitations of existing Information and Communication Technologies and policies
  • Propose new Communications Technology Policies to stimulate desirable outcomes at the national, regional or global levels

Abstracts of no more than 500 words, bearing on the Conference Theme and addressing one or more of the above topics should be submitted to Jo Pierson and to Pascal Verhoest before February 15, 2007 (the deadline was extended from January 15). Abstracts should explicitly state the prospective nature of the paper, explain the methodology or approaches used and present the empirical material on which the paper is based.

Each abstract may be presented in only one Section of the IAMCR Conference. Offering duplicates of the same paper to different Sections of the Association is likely to result in elimination of the duplicate abstract.

Each abstract must include title, name(s), institutional address and email address of author(s). Applicants will be advised by 1st March 2007 of the outcome of their submissions. The full text of accepted papers will be required no later than 15th June 2007.

CP&T Section Heads: Hopeton S. Dunn and Pascal Verhoest
Deputies: Jo Pierson and Tanja Storsul

November 2006