Transactional Radio Instruction

Transactional Radio Instruction: Improving Educational Outcomes for Children in Conflict Zones

By Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob and Margee Ensign

This book offers an important addition to the growing literature on education in emergencies. In war situations or in the wake of natural disasters, children’s education is often significantly disrupted. This book demonstrates how the authors used radio and mobile technologies to improve educational outcomes for over 20,000 displaced and out-of-school children in northeast Nigeria at the height of the Boko Haram insurgency. Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) programs typically interact with a functional classroom teacher. However, the transactional radio instruction strategy presented provides high-quality, safe, and sensitive education in war-torn societies, where there are no schools or teachers. Summarizing the research and lessons learned from a USAID-funded Technology Enhanced Learning for All (TELA) project in Boko Haram-ravaged northeast Nigeria, the book describes in detail an education-in-emergency strategy based on a “whole of community” approach, with radio and mobile tablets at its core.


  1. A Brief Social History of Education in Nigeria - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)
  2. Nigeria’s Educational Challenges - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)
  3. Setting the Context: Educational Challenges in Northeastern Nigeria - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)
  4. Where Schools Are Broken: Radio for Education in Crises Societies - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)
  5. Where There Is No School: A New Transactional Model of Radio Instruction - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)
  6. Transactional Radio Instruction: From Pedagogy to Production - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation of Learning Outcomes - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)
  8. Making Education Accessible to All: Postscript - Jacob, Jacob Udo-Udo (et al.)

Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob is a visiting international scholar in International Studies at Dickinson College, United States, and a member of IAMCR.

Margee Ensign is the 29th President of Dickinson College.

The above text is from the seller’s description of the book:

Title: Transactional Radio Instruction: Improving Educational Outcomes for Children in Conflict Zones
Authors: Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob and Margee Ensign
Published: 2020
Pages: 219
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

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