By Toby Miller

Using discourses from across the conceptual and geographical board, Toby Miller argues for a different way of understanding violence, one that goes beyond supposedly universal human traits to focus instead on the specificities of history, place, and population as explanations for it.

Violence engages these issues in a wide-ranging interdisciplinary form, examining definitions and data, psychology and ideology, gender, nation-states, and the media by covering several foundational questions:

  • how has violence been defined, historically and geographically?
  • has it decreased or increased over time?
  • which regions of the world are the most violent?
  • does violence correlate with economies, political systems, and religions?
  • what is the relationship of gender and violence?
  • what role do the media play?

This book is a powerful introduction to the study of violence, ideal for students and researchers across the human sciences, most notably sociology, American and area studies, history, media and communication studies, politics, literature, and cultural studies.


Chapter one: Meaning and Data
Chapter two:Mind
Chapter three: Gender
Chapter four: Nation-State
Chapter five: Media
Conclusion (with Richard Maxwell)

Toby Miller is Director of the Institute for Media and Creative Industries, Loughborough University, London, and a member of IAMCR.

The above text is from the seller's description of the book

Title: Violence
Author: Toby Miller
Published: 2020
Pages: 144
Publisher: Routledge

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