Stockholm 2008 - PSPAMIC Working Group Call for Papers

Stockholm 2008 - PSPAMIC Working Group Call for PapersEXTENDED DEADLINE: 15 FEBRUARY 2008!

The Post-Socialist, Post-Authoritarian Media and Intercultural Communication Working Group welcomes the submission of papers for its 26th IAMCR Congress to be held 20-25 July 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This Working Group is dedicated to the studies of the post-socialist and post-authoritarian media systems and political landscapes in different countries in transition. Intercultural communication research is necessary to understand and explain the emerging new systems and models, and the differences between these numerous regional and national ways of overcoming authoritarian heritage in these countries.

Studies in the filed of the international news coverage in the agenda-setting in electioneering campaigns and especially in changing national images and stereotypes in international and intercultural communication are in the focus of ongoing research. This Working Group is particularly interested in the many different and changing processes in media and journalism of so-called ‘transitional societies’ or ‘new democracies’. This includes work on national adaptation to new journalistic genres and TV formats, ideas about the ‘CNN effect’, and the political functions of popular culture in different national contexts. Members also have an interest in comparative (multi-language) discourse analyses, the visualization of international journalism and the role of globalization and critical global justice movements in this process.


  •  Deadline for abstracts submission 15 February 2008.
  • Section and working group heads will announce the screening process by 31 March 2008.
  • Notifications for the participants will be posted same day (31 March 2008).

Answers to this call should include an English abstract:

  • title of paper,
  • name(s) of author(s) including name of institution, postal address, telephone, fax and e-mail addresses,
  • length – 500 words, Times New Roman type, 1,5 line space,
  • the title of the presentation,
  • name, and
  • address and details of affiliation of the sender.

The abstracts, please, should be sent to both addresses

zassoursky.yassen[AT], and to


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