Indian Media Giants

Indian Media Giants

By Surbhi Dahiya

The establishment of mass media organizations in India is contemporaneous with that of its counterparts in the developed world. Indian Media Giants: Unveiling the Business Dynamics of Print Legacies is an analytical chronicle of six Indian mega media conglomerates’ individual odyssey from their humble, incipient beginnings in the pre-independence era to their transformation into powerful business empires in the digitised world. The book traces Indian Media metamorphosis, the birth, phase-wise contours of growth and development, travails and trajectories, organizational structures, editorial policies and business dynamics of print majors in India, namely, The Times Group, The Hindu Group, The Hindustan Times Limited, The Indian Express Group, Dainik Jagran Limited and DB Corp Limited. 

It unravels their understanding of the values of co-dependence, collaboration, and competition with their contemporaries. It is an untold story of how these organizations leapt over the perimeters of conventional greatness to achieve unmeasured success that spans the globe.  The book analyses how innovations have been brought in the management policies of these print businesses, with respect to production, distribution, consumption, while accrediting the visionary leadership that drives each organisation forward in its endeavours. What the case studies also details, is the wide extent of strategic intent enunciation; the role of product lines, development and diversification into radio, TV, digital and other segments; geographical spread, expansion, regional penetration and international footprint; the role of technological advancements in throwing up unimaginably new business opportunities; strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and takeovers; manpower management policies; CSR activities and financial performance of these media giants. The theoretical implications of the growth of media organisations in terms of the nature of mass media and its products are also underlined. 

The book focuses on the theoretical framework of media management and pays attention on the changing media management practices from one era to another, gradually orienting and re-orienting the strategic positioning of respective media giants to the pulse of the media market and the opportunities under various regulatory regimes. It is replete with the meticulous analysis of the editorial values and business dynamics upon which their legacies are founded, changing business models adopted by the media moguls, the ripples they have created in the media world and how they are constantly being modified to suit the tastes of the modernising market. With this, and more, Indian Media Giants is a holistic compendium that offers multiple perspectives on how print media organizations in India have grown from strength to strength and have become platform agnostic. The book also details the changing media landscape in India and also underlines the efforts of media giants in retaining print while embracing the digital. 

The book will be of immense value to the academic fraternity and industry professionals to gain an incisive as well as panoptic view and understanding of the Indian media conglomerates. Compressed in these pages is the analytical story of the past, present and future of the Indian print legacies for the pleasure and curiosity of the readers.

Surbhi Dahiya is professor and Course Director in the Department of English Journalism at Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, and IAMCR ambassador in India.

The above text is from the publisher’s description of the book:

Title: Indian Media Giants
Author: Surbhi Dahiya
Published: 2022
Pages: 800
Publisher: Oxford University Press

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