Submit your proposal for Flow34

The deadline for submissions to Flow 34 was 9 February. This form is now closed.

With Flow 34, IAMCR aims to stimulate the use of a broader range of modes for the communication of academic knowledge, complementing conference papers and oral presentations with audio/visual work. In particular, Flow 34 seeks podcasts and videos that integrate academic and aesthetic dimensions, and that use sound and/or image creatively to communicate academic knowledge.

Proposals for presentation of audio/visual work must consist of two documents: an abstract and a (basic) script. The abstract describes the research communicated by the audio/visual work (its research question, theoretical framework, methodology, research design and corpus), while the script provides a chronological description of the form of the audio/visual work. Each document has a maximum length of 500 words.

Complete the form below to submit your work for consideration by the Flow 34 evaluation team.

The deadline for submissions has passed and the form is no longer accessible.