Register and submit your Online Conference Paper for IAMCR 2021

Who should use this page?

You should only be using this page if you are an author of an Online Conference Paper and are submitting your full paper for IAMCR 2021 now. By submitting your paper you will be automatically registered for the conference. If your paper is co-authored with another person, only one of you should register and submit the paper now

Who will register after 11 June?

All other IAMCR members that are not submitting a conference paper, including co-authors of papers that have already been submitted, should come back after 11 June when registration will open for free for IAMCR members.

Submit your Online Conference Paper

You must be a current IAMCR member to register and submit your paper for the conference:

There is a submission fee of US$25 per paper. Authors of two accepted papers can submit both for a single $25 fee. The deadline to submit is 7 June. 

Before submitting your paper, please add a cover page with the following information:

  1. The title of the paper, your name, your institutional affiliation and the name and affiliation of any co-author(s)
  2. The name of the IAMCR section or working group the paper is submitted to
  3. The ExOrdo submission id number
  4. Optionally include your email address and the email address of any co-authors and text indicating the status of the paper (for example, "Draft. Do not cite without permission of the author")

Want to know more? Check the information for authors. Problems? support2021 [at]