Overview: How will online conference papers work?

(cc) Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA https://unsplash.com/@shyshkina
  • Authors with abstracts accepted for presentation register for the conference and submit their conference papers (1,000 to 4,000 words) by 7 June.
  • The heads of each section or working group (S/WG) arrange the papers into “panels” according their topics/themes. Each panel is assigned a chair.
  • The heads name respondents -- either one respondent per paper (usually one of the other authors in the panel) or a single respondent to comment on all the papers in a panel.
  • On 5 July the papers are made available on the conference website. Authors are invited to read the other papers in their panel during this week and to be ready to provide feedback to the other authors when the conference feedback channel opens on 11 July.
  • During the conference the website will provide access to the full programme of Online Conference Papers. Registered IAMCR members will be able to follow the panels of one or more thematic sections and working groups, browse all panels by panel title, or search all papers by author's name, affiliation or title of the paper.
  • Respondents will provide feedback to the panel papers. Each author is expected to provide feedback to at least one other paper in the panel.
  • The panel chairs will monitor and guide the commenting process, motivate others to leave written comments, and encourage authors to respond to them. Chairs will manage the commenting process, keeping the CCC feedback principle in mind: Comments should be Constructive, Courteous and still Critical.
  • All IAMCR members will have access to the papers and the commenting platform. Commenters can therefore include members of the same panel, other members of the section or working group, and IAMCR members in general.
  • The dialogue will begin on 11 July and continue until 11 September, when the conference papers will be taken offline.
  • Participating authors (those who present a paper and comment on at least one other paper) will be issued with a digital certificate of presentation following the conference.

Section and Working Group Live OCP Interactive Forums

IAMCR OCP is a paper-based conference format. There will be no live or pre-recorded video presentation of online conference papers. The Section and Working Group Live OCP Interactive Forums will offer some opportunity to discuss papers presented to participating sections and working groups.

Not all sections and working groups will participate in the Live OCP Interactive Forums.

Fundamentally connected to OCP, the live interactive forums are a new component for the 2021 version of IAMCR Online. Not all sections and working groups will necessarily participate.

Format: Live online discussion meetings with a selection of authors of OCP papers. Recordings of the meetings will be accessible online during the conference and for several weeks afterwards.

Process: The authors/presenters from two or three OCP panels will be grouped by the section or working group into a “supercluster” and assigned 1 hour for a live online discussion meeting during the week of the conference. Participants at the meeting will include a chair selected by the section or working group, the respondent from each OCP panel, the authors, and any IAMCR members who wish to join. The respondents will kick-start the discussion (through a short summary of, or reflection on, the panel). Then the authors will be invited to respond and interact. Other IAMCR members present will be invited to comment or ask questions.

Interface at the conference: Interactive Forums will be live, with chairs appointed by the section or working group. The forums will be recorded and made available online to IAMCR members until 15 September.

Interactive Forums will take place from 12-15 July, at scheduled times between 04h00 and 24h00 UTC. The time of each session will be selected by the sections or working groups, allowing them the flexibility to, for example, ensure that some sessions are available at a relatively convenient time in various time zones. IAMCR members span the globe, so time slots may not be ideal for all presenters and members.