A Study of the Text Creations of Chinese K-pop Fandom


In the fan events, fans are active, creative, and intelligent. The strategies they use or embezzle and the art of their work are worthy of our discussion. 'Fandom' is a popular cultural feature since industrial society. Fiske believes that fan culture is an enhanced form of popular culture in industrialized society, and fans are some 'excessive readers.' Fans have created a fan culture that has its own form of production and distribution. Some texts produced and circulated in fan groups often have the high production value of official cultural texts. However, fans' text production drive is not for making money. In fact, they often pay for their output. And as fans have invested more and more resources in practical activities, some of the texts they created have also entered the public vision other than internal members, and have produced a huge response. This study intends to select the Chinese fan base of the K-pop idol boy group BTS, which has swept the world in recent years, as the research object, because this fan group in China has rich achievements in text creation and has aroused a warm response at home and abroad. This research combines qualitative research methods such as in-depth interviews and online ethnography to try to explore how Chinese K-pop fans in the media consumption process exert their positive text productivity and the changes and impacts they bring.The research will explore the current status of text production in China ’s K-pop fans, and combine the Spectacle/Performance Paradigm from 'Front' and 'Backstage', 'Text Creation and Self-image Realization', 'The Interaction of the other and the Construction of Self-identity 'and' The Presentation of Collective Consciousness' to study. The meaning practice of Chinese K-pop fans during the consumption process provides a huge “extra” market for the cultural industry. Not only do fans often buy large quantities of popular cultural products, but their re-creation provides a lot of valuable information for the cultural industry sector.