Theory Construction, Credibility and Discourse Interaction of CCP’s Press Theory


Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has constructed and enriched a unique press theory which is widely named “the Party Theory of the Press” today. The CCP’s press theory is deeply rooted into China’s modern history entangled by the historical mission of de-colonization, the Socialism implementation, and the survival of ever-growing globalization. Yet, in the context of “Four Theories of the Press”, and later on supplemented press theories such as Participation Theory of the Press, Press Theories of Developing Countries, the Party Theory of the Press has been undergoing constant challenges on its legitimacy, self-consistence, and credibility, by professionalism of journalism, by the media administrators, by the press practitioners, and especially by Chinese and overseas audiences. Based on the rich tradition of academic interpretation of the Party Theory of the Press, this research evaluates the interaction among academic discourse, political discourse and popular discourse of the still puzzling term “The Party Theory of the Press”.