Short Video + Knowledge: An Emerging Pedagogical Platform


This paper presents the Short Video Platform as a popular digital media in China, which redefined the concept of online education. Digital media sets up a virtual space for human information interaction. Based on a series of APP applications such as social media, online video, self-media and e-commerce, the empowerment of artificial intelligent to media has reshaped the human survival on digital media platform and constructed a new education mode on the basis of visual cyberspace, forming the communities with cultural identities.

The online education has constructed an innovative mode of knowledge production and dissemination. As a kind of digital media platform, short video platform connects producers and consumers of knowledge, built a new mode of education that transcends race, gender and class etc., realizing the justice of educational resources. With combining the characteristics of Online Video, Social Media and E- commerce, the short video platform has become one of the most active media platforms in China. In terms of users size, the short video platform also increased 32% year-on-year to 821 million MAU. Tik Tok Data Report (2019) shows that the knowledge producers with over 100,000 fans released 14.89 million knowledge-based short videos on Tik Tok (Douyin), with each knowledge video reaching nearly 100,000 audience. Kwai also released 'Kwai Ecological Education Report'. The report pointed out that the cumulative production of knowledge-based videos reached 200 million in Kwai, and the number of producers of educational videos exceeded 990,000.

Michael Gibbons put forward two modes of education: Mode1 and Mode2. The Mode1 refers to the traditional scientific research based on Newton's model, with single-discipline research as the main part, while the Mode 2 refers to the knowledge production model that uses the method of interdisciplinary research, with placing more emphasis on research results and social effects in specific ecological environment. Generally, Short Video + Knowledge is referring to the development of Mode2 in media ecology. To a certain extent, this also conforms to the concept of Ecology of Education (C. Lawrence,1976). Basically, the mode of Short Video + Knowledge is an integrated mechanism of school and social education, breaking the boundaries of interdisciplinary fields.

The Short Video + Knowledge products supported by pedagogy, psychology, narratology and other disciplines, showing the following characteristics: storytelling, gamification, knowledge tagging, personalized topic setting, vertical and professional analysis. Numerous short video fragments related to various fields form a visual encyclopedia in short video platform.

The medium is the metaphor. The mode of Short Video + Knowledge also participates in the social and political fields. It shapes a virtual digital scene constructed by AI, exerts a great impact on various fields of society, forming a new integrated mechanism of education.

Key words:

Short Video + Knowledge, Digital platform, Integrated mechanism, Education, Justice