The Variation Tendency of the International Communication of China’s National Image on the Internet


In recent ten years, a great innovation and breakthrough has been achieved about the external communication of China’s national image along with the prosperity and development of internet content. Since 2013, various creation modes, including animated popular science, original MV, micro documentary, etc., have been adopted by Fuxing Road Studio, which established a paradigm of Chinese national publicity film for a time. On the basis of case analysis, these three modes not only break through the form of the national image propaganda film in the genre of the work, but also try to solve the corresponding core problems in each mode, and make a comprehensive reconstruction of the external communication, which has enlightenment and reference significance.

Up to the year of 2019, the purpose of 'telling China stories well' has been fulfilled by the continuable measures of creation and operation, folk and popular discourse system and the bottom-up approach of communication that are adopted by Chinese and foreign Internet celebrities represented by Li Ziqi. And it has been found that the phenomenon mentioned above, combining with the analysis of contents, data and feedback, has provided new ideas towards the external communication of China’s national image and made further responses towards two key topics including national image and audience orientation, and audience orientation and the visual content. This paper proposes the symbolic construction path of China's international image and the concept of “audience-oriented” external communication mechanism, emphasizing the introduction of audience perspective into the whole process of creation, in order to further promote the effective dissemination of international image.

As this tendency of variation is based on the development of the Internet and the global communication of digital culture, figuring out the way to define success enables the presenting of a quantifiable answer, the exponential evaluation model. And the model contains transmissibility, influence and reputation, and it would serve the pursuit of intensive and meticulous cross culture communication.

Keywords: national image, digital culture, internet celebrity, external communication