Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Using social practice theory to re-examine participatory communication for development and social change, for environmental sustainability


This study shows how social practice theory can contribute to the analysis of processes of social change. Currently, social change is associated with the ABC paradigm, which codifies, “attitude”, “behavior”, and “choice”, framing social change as the consequence of individual action. In comparison, my research explores how social practice theory might illustrate systems of power and inequalities, as well as meanings and understandings that are linked, embedded, and enacted. In doing so, this study aims at exploring the circuits of practices and their elements This is a case study of a listening club, and people’s engagement with a particular technology (radio, cellphone). The preliminary findings draw upon listening club participants’ insights on how meanings and understandings relate to environmental conservation, how they are embedded and enacted through the elements of the listening club practice, and how some practices that maintain the dynamic of a listening club are overlooked. These underscored routine practices need to be taken into account for future development of participatory approaches within communication for development and social change interventions.