IAMCR 2020 launched

map Thousands of visitors from at least 98 different countries

Reimagining the Digital Future in Tampere, Finland and online wherever you are!

The 2020 conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) began Sunday 12 July with an Opening Ceremony, including three short keynotes, and the launch of 680 Online Papers grouped into 153 virtual panels.

Monday featured the first of 4 thematic plenary sessions, this one on “Global Communication in the Digital Age”, and several online video sessions produced by some of IAMCR’s thematic Sections and Working Groups – the Audience Section, the International Communication Section, The Visual Culture Working Group, the Media Education Research Section, the Law Section, the Emerging Scholars Network, and the Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group. Great content and, at times, very innovative presentation styles.

Also on Monday, and 24 hours a day all week long, you can browse, read and comment on the Online Conference Papers. Make sure you login to the site to be able to access the full papers and to join in the discussion in the comments section at the bottom of each panel’s page. The comments section is key to the conference. It’s where you can ask questions, make proposals, and join in the dialogue that is so critical to any conference, online or face-to-face.

In the first day and a half of the conference, we have had thousands of visitors from at least 98 different countries – the image to the right shows where they have come from.

For a look at what’s in store for tomorrow, see Tuesday's programme.