PhD research webinar

De-Westernizing Global Media Studies: Bridging Disciplinary, National, and Regional Divides for a More Inclusive and Decolonized Future

The IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar on "De-Westernizing Global Media Studies" aims to challenge the field's Western-centric bias and pave the way for a more inclusive future. Scheduled for 12 December 2023, the event will explore strategies to diversify perspectives and foster global collaboration. With applications open until October 20, doctoral students, particularly those focusing on the Global South, are encouraged to participate.

IAMCR invites applications for the IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar on “De-Westernizing Global Media Studies: Bridging Disciplinary, National, and Regional Divides for a More Inclusive and Decolonized Future” to be held 12 December 2023. Applications will be received until 20 October 2023.

This PhD webinar will investigate how media studies can progress towards a more inclusive and decolonised future by promoting the incorporation of diverse perspectives and theories from various disciplinary, national, and regional contexts. It will investigate how the historical dominance of Western perspectives and theories in shaping the discipline has led to a dearth of diversity and inclusion.

The webinar will examine potential strategies for de-Westernizing global media studies, such as promoting the incorporation of non-Western perspectives and theories and reconsidering the role of Western theories and approaches in shaping the field. In addition, it will investigate how to create more equitable and inclusive collaborations across disciplinary, national, and regional boundaries, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with such collaborations.

This webinar could not be timelier given that two major academic organisations in the field—the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) and the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)—are scheduled to hold conferences on the subject of decolonisation and intercultural dialogue in media and communication studies in Bandung, Indonesia in September 2023 and Christchurch, New Zealand in July 2024, respectively. Doctoral students researching Global South topics or case studies and who are IAMCR members are especially encouraged to apply.

Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

  • The legacy of Western dominance in communication and media studies and its implications for diversity and representation.
  • Strategies for incorporating non-Western theories and perspectives into global communication and media studies.
  • Re-evaluating the role of Western theories in shaping the field and their relevance in a contemporary, global context.
  • Fostering collaborations that span disciplinary, national, and regional boundaries for more inclusive research.
  • Challenges and opportunities in cross-cultural collaborations within communication and media studies.
  • Amplifying Global South voices and case studies in media research.
  • Exploring the relationship between decolonisation, intercultural dialogue, and media and communication studies

How to apply

To submit your paper to present in the webinar, download and complete the application form and send it to Karl Patrick R. Mendoza (, one of the co-convenors of the webinar, and also Mazlum Kemal Dağdelen (, assistant to Nico Carpentier, IAMCR president, with the subject “IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar: {title of your paper proposal}" by 20 October 2023. If there are several presenters, each should fill in an individual application form and send all the forms in one email.

Please note that only IAMCR member PhD students are eligible to present in the IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar.


  • Deadline for applications – 20 October 2023
  • Announcement of the results – 06 November 2023
  • Submission of the final presentations (and a brief note on the research) – 01 December 2023
  • Webinar date – 12 December 2023 at 09h00 UTC

Download the application form