Minority Women and Western Media

Minority Women and Western Media

Edited by Maha Bashri and Sameera Ahmed

Minority Women and Western Media: Challenging Representations and Articulating New Voices presents research examining media portrayals of women from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. It provides qualitative and quantitative findings of how women are stereotyped and misrepresented not only because of their gender but also their race, religion, ability, physical attributes, and political status. Whilst their voices are frequently excluded, marginalized and misrepresented, the chapters in this volume show how minority women are creating and articulating new discourses and challenging assumptions and expectations about themselves. This book provides insights into how women are represented in different media, including newspapers, television shows, films, and online platforms. Scholars of media studies, women’s studies, and communication will find this book particularly useful. 


Prologue: Towards a New Freedom, Theresa Carilli
Chapter 1: Inclusion, Exclusion, and Belonging: Media Representations of American Muslim Women (The Case of the New York Times 2007-2017), Maha Bashri
Chapter 2: Reinforcing or Reframing Dominant Views? A Discourse Analysis of Black South African Women’s Self-Representations of Natural Hair in the Blogosphere, Khulekani Madlela
Chapter 3: Drawing a Portrait of Refugee Representation in Turkish Newspapers: A Framing Analysis of Hürriyet and Sabah, Beris Artan Özoran
Chapter 4: On “Getting Yassmined”: How the Australian Media Polices the Bodies of Women of Color, Leticia Anderson and Kathomi Gatwiri
Chapter 5: Iranian Women and the Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Untold, Zahra Jafari
Chapter 6: Silencing and Victim Blaming of a Woman Who Stutters: A Televised Case Study, Sigal Barak-Brandes and Debora Freud
Chapter 7: Women in British Muslim Media: New Voices and Emerging Discourses, Sameera Tahira Ahmed
Epilogue: Global Solidarity for New Media Realities and Discourses, Maha Bashri and Sameera Tahira Ahmed

Maha Bashri is associate professor of communication at the United Arab Emirates University, and member of IAMCR.

Sameera Ahmed is associate professor at the United Arab Emirates University.

The above text is from the seller's description of the book

Title: Minority Women and Western Media: Challenging Representations and Articulating New Voices
Editors: Maha Bashri and Sameera Ahmed
Published: 2020
Pages: 150
Publisher: Lexington Books

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