Migrant and Diasporic Film and Filmmaking in New Zealand

Migrant and Diasporic Film and Filmmaking in New Zealand

Edited by Arezou Zalipour

This book is the first ever collection on diasporic screen production in New Zealand. Through contributions by a diverse range of local and international scholars, it identifies the central characteristics, histories, practices and trajectories of screen media made by and/or about migrant and diasporic peoples in New Zealand, including Asians, Pacific Islanders and other communities. It addresses issues pertinent to representation of migrant and diasporic life and experience on screen, and showcases critical dialogues with directors, scriptwriters, producers and other key figures whose work reflects experiences of migration, diaspora and multiculturalism in contemporary New Zealand.

With a foreword by Hamid Naficy, the key theorist of accented cinema, this comprehensive collection addresses essential questions about migrant, multicultural and diasporic screen media, policies of representation, and the new aesthetic styles and production regimes emerging from New Zealand film and TV. Migrant and Diasporic Film and Filmmaking in New Zealand is a touchstone for emerging work concerned with migration, diaspora and multiculturalism in New Zealand’s screen production and practice.


1. Introduction: Migration and Diaspora Histories and Screen Representation in New Zealand, Arezou Zalipour

Representation and Production

2. The Past Awaits: Migrant Histories and Multidirectional Memory in the Cinema of Vincent Ward, Allen Meek
3. Kiwi Dragons in Love: The Chinese Diaspora and New Zealand Interracial Screen Romance, Maria Galikowski
4. In/Visible and Im/Mobile Subjects: Diaspora and Multiculturalism in Zia Mandviwalla’s Short Films, Paloma Fresno-Calleja
5. Multiculturalism in No. 2: Representing New Zealand in Screen and Sound, Henry Johnson
6. Looking Inwards, Looking Back: Tusi Tamasese and Samoan Cultural Production in New Zealand, Ann Hardy
7. Bringing Us All Together: Multiculturalism as Neoliberalism Through New Zealand on Air, Donald Reid

Behind the Lens: A Look Inside the New Zealand Screen Industry

8. Shuchi Kothari, Shuchi Kothari and Arezou Zalipour
9. Sima Urale, Arezou Zalipour
10. Tusi Tamasese, Arezou Zalipour and Ann Hardy
11. Roseanne Liang, Arezou Zalipour
12. Stephen Kang, Arezou Zalipour

Arezou Zalipour is Associate Professor at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Auckland, New Zealand, and a member of IAMCR.

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Title: Migrant and Diasporic Film and Filmmaking in New Zealand
Editor: Arezou Zalipour
Published: 2019
Pages: 209
Publisher: Springer

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