Concentration of information and communication in LA (2000-2015): New media and technologies, fewer actors

By Martin Becerra and Guillermo Mastrini

Original title: La concentración infocomunicacional en América Latina (2000-2015): nuevos medios y tecnologías, menos actores

During the first 15 years of the 21st century, new media and technologies radically changed the ways to access information, entertainment and communication in Latin America. The digital revolution was accompanied by expectations of the opening of communications to new actors and a greater diversity of flows and contents. However, the levels of concentration of infocommunication activities have grown during this period, as this research documents and analyzes. The work focuses on the cases of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico and covers all media, fixed and mobile telecommunications and the Internet connectivity service.

The processes of concentration, foreignization, conglomeration, convergence and intensively modified regulations by the states in the region are combined in a scenario that brings the audiovisual sector and the telecommunications sector together with the Internet as a hinge. Convergence is the goal that moves the strategies of groups such as América Móvil, Telefónica, Globo, Televisa or Clarín.

The main novelties of the structuring of a core sector for democratic coexistence, for the circulation of culture, for socialization and for the new economy are detailed in this book, which adds to the historical series of previous studies of the authors, in this case within the framework of the National University of Quilmes and of Observacom.

Martin Becerra and Guillermo Mastrini are doctors in communication, university professors and researchers of CONICET (Argentina). Both are members of IAMCR.

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The above text is from the publisher's description of the book.

Title: La concentración infocomunicacional en América Latina (2000-2015): nuevos medios y tecnologías, menos actores
Authors: Martin Becerra and Guillermo Mastrini
Published: 2017
Pages: 228
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Quilmes / Observacom
ISBN: 978-987-558-464-8

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