Carbon Capitalism and Communication: Confronting Climate Crisis

Edited by Benedetta Brevini and Graham Murdock

  • Provides a comprehensive, authoritative, one-stop, overview of the current state and future challenges for research and debate on communication and climate crisis
  • Includes contributions from scholars, practitioners, activists as well as well-known figures such as Naomi Klein and former editor in Chief of the Guardian Alan Rusbridger
  • Uses case studies and analysis from Europe, North America, Australia, and China

This volume examines the role of communication in contributing to and contesting the current climate crisis. There is now widespread agreement that even if increases in carbon emissions are kept to the current international target the climate crisis will continue to intensify. This book brings together, for the first time, state-of-the-art research with activists’ interventions to place debate around climate crisis within the wider conversation about the changing relations between communications and contemporary capitalism.

Benedetta Brevini is a journalist, media activist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia, and an IAMCR member through the institutional membership of University of Sydney.

Graham Murdock is Professor of Culture and Economy at Loughborough University, UK, and has been elected as IAMCR's Vice-President for the period 2016-2020.

Table of contents

  1. An Interview with Michael E. Mann: Fighting for Science Against Climate Change Deniers’ Propaganda
    Mann, Michael E. (et al.)
  2. An Interview with Naomi Klein: Capitalism Versus the Climate
    Klein, Naomi (et al.)
  3. Digital Technology and the Environment: Challenges for Green Citizenship and Environmental Organizations
    Maxwell, Richard (et al.)
  4. Digital Desires: Mediated Consumerism and Climate Crisis
    Lewis, Justin
  5. From “Waste Village” to “Urban Circular Economic System”: The Changing Landscape of Waste in Beijing
    Tong, Xin
  6. Big Data, Open Data and the Climate Risk Market
    Bates, Jo
  7. The Next Internet
    Mosco, Vincent
  8. An Interview with Kim Sheehan: Greenwashing in the Experience of the Greenwashing Index
    Sheehan, Kim (et al.)
  9. Fighting for Coal: Public Relations and the Campaigns Against Lower Carbon Pollution Policies in Australia
    McKnight, David (et al.)
  10. Bearing Witness and the Logic of Celebrity in the Struggle Over Canada’s Oil/Tar Sands
    McCurdy, Patrick
  11. Nothing but Truthiness: Public Discourses on the Adani Carmichael Mine in Australia
    Brevini, Benedetta (et al.)
  12. The Anamorphic Politics of Climate Change
    Dean, Jodi
  13. Journalism, Climate Communication and Media Alternatives
    Hackett, Robert A. (et al.)
  14. An Interview with Alan Rusbridger: Keep it in the Ground
    Rusbridger, Alan (et al.)
  15. An Interview with David Ritter: Mobilising on Climate Change—The Experience of Greenpeace
    Ritter, David (et al.)
  16. An Interview with Blair Palese: Green Campaigns—Challenges, Opportunities and
    Palese, Blair (et al.)
  17. Conclusion: One Month in the Life of the Planet—Carbon Capitalism and the Struggle for the Commons
    Murdock, Graham

The above text is from the publisher's description of the book.

Title: Carbon Capitalism and Communication: Confronting Climate Crisis
Editors: Benedetta Brevini and Graham Murdock
Published: 2017
Pages: 259
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9783319578750

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