Strategies for Media Reform: International Perspectives

Strategies for Media Reform

International Perspectives

Edited by Des Freedman, Jonathan Obar, Cheryl Martens, and Robert W. McChesney

Media reform plays an increasingly important role in the struggle for social justice. As battles are fought over the future of investigative journalism, media ownership, spectrum management, speech rights, broadband access, network neutrality, the surveillance apparatus, and digital literacy, what effective strategies can be used in the pursuit of effective media reform?

Prepared by thirty-three scholars and activists from more than twenty-five countries, Strategies for Media Reform focuses on theorizing media democratization and evaluating specific projects for media reform. This edited collection of articles offers readers the opportunity to reflect on the prospects for and challenges facing campaigns for media reform and gathers significant examples of theory, advocacy, and activism from multinational perspectives.


Robert W. McChesney

Part I: Introduction

1. Media Reform: An Overview –  Des Freedman and Jonathan A. Obar

2. Media Policy Literacy: A Foundation for Media Reform – Becky Lentz

Part II: Internet Activism For Media Reform

3. Activating the Fifth Estate: Bill C-30 and the Digitally-Mediated Public Watchdog – Jonathan A. Obar and Leslie Regan Shade

4. WikiLeaks and ‘Indirect’ Media Reform – Christian Christensen

5. Mobilizing for Net Rights: The Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet – M. I. Franklin

INTERNET ACTIVISM: Commentary From Media Reform Organisations

6. Electronic Frontier Foundation: The Largest Internet Protest in History Isn’t the Important Part: Lessons from the SOPA Fight – Rainey Reitman

7. Free Press: Internet Freedom from the Outside-in: Upending Big-Money Politics to Win Net Neutrality – Craig Aaron and Timothy Karr

8. New America Foundation: A Victory for Digital Justice (Your Tax Dollars at Work) -Joshua Breitbart

9. OPENMEDIA.CA: Working Toward an Open Connected Future – David Christopher

Part III: The Power of the Media Reform Movement

10. A Perfect Storm for Media Reform: Activist Strategies and Socio-political Circumstances behind Telecommunication Reforms in Mexico –  Alejandro Abraham-Hamanoiel

11. Between Philosophy and Action: The Story of the Media Reform Coalition – Benedetta Brevini and Justin Schlosberg

12. Media Reform Movements in Taiwan – Hsin-yi Sandy Tsai and Shih-Hung Lo

13. Organizing for Media Reform in Canada: The Cases of Media Democracy Day,, and Reimagine CBC – Kathleen Cross and David Skinner

THE POWER OF THE MEDIA REFORM MOVEMENT: Commentary from Media Reform Organizations

14. Prometheus Radio Project: Winning a Big Fight for Little Radio Stations: The Battle Over Low Power FM in the US – Hannah Sassaman and Pete Tridish

15. Prometheus Radio Project: 90 per cent Community, 10 per cent Radio: Media Reform, Radio Justice, and the Proliferation of Low Power FM – Sanjay Jolly

16. Media Foundation For West Africa: A Case Study of Media Reform Initiatives in West Africa – Kwame Karikari

Part IV: Media Reform as Democratic Reform

17. Waves of Struggle: The History and Future of American Media Reform – Victor Pickard

18. Policy Hacking: Citizen-Based Policymaking and Media Reform – Arne Hintz

19. Reforming or Conforming? The Contribution of Communication Studies to Media Policy in Switzerland – Manuel Puppis and Matthias Kunzler

20. ‘…please grant success to the journey on which I have come’: successful and unsuccessful media reform strategies in Israel – Noam Tirosh and Amit Schejter

21. Legislating for a More Participatory Media System: Reform Strategies in South America – Cheryl Martens Oliver Reina and Ernesto Vivares

22. Public Service Broadcasting in Egypt: Strategies for Media Reform – Rasha Abdulla

23. Impunity, Inclusion and Implementation: Media Reform Challenges in Thailand, Burnma/Myanmar and the Philippines – Lisa Brooten

MEDIA REFORM AS DEMOCRATIC REFORM: Commentary from Media Reform Organizations

24. DOHA Centre for Media Freedom: Media reform through capacity building: Media and Information Literacy and Journalist Training – Peter Townson

25. Cultural Survival (Guatemala): Organization and Mission – Mark Camp

26. Open Society Foundations: Media Reform in Mexico: Civil Society Making Law – Marius Dragomir

Des Freedman and a number of the authors are members of IAMCR.

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Title: Strategies for Media Reform: International Perspectives
Editors: Des Freedman, Jonathan Obar, Cheryl Martens, and Robert W. McChesney
Published: 2016
Pages: 360
Publisher: Fordham University Press
ISBN: 9780823271658

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