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Global Media Giants

Edited by Benjamin Birkinbine, Rodrigo Gomez, and Janet Wasko

Global Media Giants takes an in-depth look at how media corporate power works globally, regionally, and nationally, investigating the ways in which the largest and most powerful media corporations in the world wield power. Case studies examine not only some of the largest media corporations (News Corp., The Microsoft Corporation) in terms of revenues, but also media corporations that hold considerable power within national, regional, or geolinguistic contexts (Televisa, The Bertelsmann Group, Sony Corporation). Each chapter approaches a different corporation through the lens of economy, politics, and culture, giving students and scholars a thoughtful and data-driven guide with which to interrogate contemporary media industry power.

"This is without doubt the essential guide to the communication companies that define today’s media-saturated world." –Vincent Mosco, author of To the Cloud: Big Data in a Turbulent World.

The above text is from the publisher's description of the book.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Benjamin J. Birkinbine, Rodrigo Gomez & Janet Wasko.

Part I. Global Giants

  1. The Walt Disney Company: Janet Wasko.
  2. National Amusements Incorporated: Eileen Meehan.
  3. Time Warner: Scott Fitzgerald.
  4. Comcast Corporation:  Victor Pickard & Lee McGuigan. 

Part II: Regional & Geolinguistical Giants

  1. News Corporation: Graham Murdock.
  2. Televisa: Rodrigo Gomez.
  3. América Móvil: Gabriel Sosa.
  4. The Bertelsmann Group: Jörg Becker. Vivendi: Philippe Bouquillion.
  5. Mediaset S.p.A. (Gruppo Mediaset):  Benedetta Brevini.
  6. Telefónica: Gabriela Martinez.
  7. Grupo Prisa: Luis Albornoz.
  8. TV Globo & The Globo Group: Joe Straubhaar.
  9. Sony Corporation: William Kunz.

Part III: Regional Overviews

  1. South America: Guillermo Mastrini & Martin Becerra.
  2. The Middle East: Gholam Khiabany.
  3. Sub-Saharan Africa: Tewodros Workneh.
  4. Eastern Europe: Brankica Petkovic & Sandra Basic Hrvatin.
  5. South Asia: Pradip Thomas.
  6. East Asia & China: Yu Hong.
  7. Australia and New Zealand: Wayne Hope, Peter Thompson & Martin Hirst.

Part IV: Internet Giants

  1. Apple, Inc.: Richard Maxwell & Toby Miller
  2. The Microsoft Corporation: Benjamin J. Birkinbine.
  3. Google, Inc.: Micky Lee.
  4.  Andrew Calabrese & Tyler Rollins.
  5. Facebook: Christian Fuchs.

Part V: Global Ratings & Advertising Giants

  1. The Nielsen Company: Daniel Biltereyst & Lennart Soberon.
  2. Interpublic Group of Companies: Chris Chavez.

Conclusion: Reflections on Media Power: Benjamin J. Birkinbine, Rodrigo Gomez & Janet Wasko.

The editors, along with many of the authors, are members of IAMCR.

Title: Global Media Giants
Editors: Benjamin Birkinbine, Rodrigo Gomez, and Janet Wasko
Published: 2017
Pages: 496
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781138927711

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