Political Economy of Media Industries: Global Transformations and Challenges

Political Economy of Media Industries: Global Transformations and Challenges

Edited by Randy Nichols and Gabriela Martinez

This book provides a critical political economic examination of the impact of increasingly concentrated global media industries. It addresses different media and communication industries from around the globe, including film, television, music, journalism, telecommunication, and information industries. The authors use case studies to examine how changing methods of production and distribution are impacting a variety of issues including globalization, environmental devastation, and the shifting role of the State.  This collection finds communication at a historical moment in which capitalist control of media and communication is the default status and, so, because of the increasing levels of concentration globally allows those in control to define the default ideological status. In turn, these concentrated media forces are deployed under the guise of entertainment but with a mind towards further concentration and control of the media apparatuses many times in convergence with others.


Chapter One - Introduction - Randy Nichols and Gabriela Martinez
Part I – The Film Industry
Chapter Two - The Hollywood Trilogy, The Disney Duo - Eileen R. Meehan
Chapter Three - Movie Theaters and Money: Integration and Consolidation in Film Exhibition - Ben Birkinbine
Chapter Four - How Hollywood workers unite: Labor convergence and the creation of SAG-AFTRA - Catherine McKercher and Vincent Mosco
Chapter Five - Mexican Film Industry, 2000-2018: Resurgence or assimilation? - Rodrigo Gomez
Part II – Other Media Industries
Chapter Six - The New Holy Grail:  Prime Time Television and State Production Incentive in the United States - William M. Kunz
Chapter Seven - Old Strategies in the New Paradigm: Web Series and Corporate Control - Mary P. Erickson
Chapter Eight - State Monopoly of Telecommunications in Ethiopia: Revisiting Natural Monopoly in the Era of Deregulation - Téwodros W. Workneh and H. Leslie Steeves
Chapter Nine - Through Being Cool: iTunes and the Political Economy of Music Retail - David Gracon
Chapter Ten - In Practice and Theory? A Review of Scholarship on Wikipedia’s Political Economy - Randall Livingstone
Part III – New and Enduring Challenges
Chapter Eleven - Bribe and Journalism - Jörg Becker
Chapter Twelve - Labor in the Age of Digital (Re)Production - Gerald Sussman
Chapter Thirteen - Power Under Pressure:  Digital Capitalism In Crisis - Dan Schiller
Chapter Fourteen - Minutes to Midnight: Capitalist Communication and Climate Catastrophe - Graham Murdock
Chapter Fifteen - Time, Ecology, and Commodity Fetishism - Wayne Hope

Randy Nichols is an assistant professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Tacoma, USA, and a member of IAMCR.

Gabriela Martinez is a professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon, USA, and a member of IAMCR.

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Title: Political Economy of Media Industries: Global Transformations and Challenges
Author: Randy Nichols and Gabriela Martinez
Published: 2019
Pages: 290
Publisher: Routledge

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