Participatory Communication Research Section

The work that is presented in the Participatory Communication Research Section is not based on any specific definition of participation. Rather, participation is a term used to refer to a number of social and planning processes occurring in many different places and in many different contexts. The Section addresses issues related to communication between community members and other stakeholders that are engaged in processes of social change. The sessions that the Section organizes at the IAMCR conferences are meant to work toward theoretical and methodological clarification. Therefore, both papers and statements discussing theoretical or methodological perspectives and/or documenting specific case studies are welcomed.

Topics cover a wide variety of issues that relate to research in relation to processes of communication that incorporate participation in an intrinsic way. This includes subjects and processes of democratisation, communication and information rights, ICTs for sustainable development, health communication, environmental communication, agricultural extension services, folk media and social movements, communication planning activities and interventions, national and cultural identities, community studies and the relationship between participation, empowerment and gender, community radio and participatory video production, non-formal participatory forms of education, participatory rapid appraisals, participatory action research, and so on.

Chair: Nico Carpentier [Contact]
Vice-Chair: Ana Duarte Melo [Contact]
Vice-Chair: Jonas Agerbæk [Contact]
Secretary: Filip Šourek [pcr.secretariat [at] (Contact)]

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The PhD Winter School on Participation and Communication successfully concluded in Guangzhou, China in December 2016. It is now time for us to look back at some of the perspectives on the experience that the participants of the PhD Winter School have shared with us.
The Participatory Communication Research (PCR) Section had a project accepted for funding by the Section and Working Group Project Fund. The USD 2,000 grant will be used to partially fund two events: an IAMCR 2017 pre-conference "Participatory Advertising: A global approach with a Latin American focus" and "Imagine Europe: Virtual Reality (VR) Performance and Panel Discussion".
The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) will hold its annual conference from 16-20 July, 2017 in Cartagena, Colombia. IAMCR's Participatory Communication Research Section invites proposals that reflect the the section's interest. 
The PhD Winter School on Participation and Communication organized by IAMCR’s Participatory Communication Research Section, in cooperation with Jinan University’s College of Journalism and Communication concluded in Guangzhou, China on Friday, 10th December 2016. The school was being attended by 24 participants from 11 different countries and regions of the world. This is a selection of photo-essays from the workshops and lectures of the PhD Winter School held through the week.
The programme of the PhD Winter School on Participation and Communication organized by IAMCR’s Participatory Communication Research Section, in cooperation with Jinan University, Guangzhou is now available. The programme outlines the overview of the PhD winter school with detailed course information including the schedule, planned lectures, PhD Masterclass flows, lecturers’ bios and participating PhD student papers.
The Participatory Communication Research Section (PCR) explores the theory and practice of participatory communication, and has played an important role as a platform for new thinking. The IAMCR 2017 conference theme allows the section an opportunity to highlight research related to participatory communication and social change, and the ways that participation allows for new discourses and new territorialities to be opened up, and mutations and communications to be generated. Moreover, the...
The Participatory Communication Research Section (PCR) wants to involve more members in the activities of the section. In order to do this, the section is calling upon PCR members, and IAMCR members in general, to volunteer as Regional Officers.
A limited number of travel grants, covering the cost of return travel to attend the PhD Winter School on Participation & Communication in Guangzhou, China were offered by Jinan University.
IAMCR's Participatory Communication Research Section, in cooperation with Jinan University, is offering a PhD Winter School on Participation & Communication at Jinan University in Guangzhou, China from 5-9 December 2016. PhD students in the middle phase of their studies, from all regions of the world are invited to apply.