Taipei 2005 - Section Report, Gender and Communication Section

The Gender and Communication Section convened 6 panels over a two day period during the Taipei Meetings. 25 papers were slated, with 19 actually presented. The audience size for each session exceeded 20 and often approached 30. One of the features of this particular convocation was the three special sessions organized under the Gender banner.

The first, “Signs of a New Asian Popular Culture: How gendered is it?”, featured a team of researchers from Germany, Japan and South Korea; the second, “Preliminary Analysis of the Global Media Monitoring Project” was originally composed of six presenters but, due to funding, health and logistic problems, ended up entertaining only three. The third, “The Filtration of Gender in Mediated Sports”, represented a joint production with the Sport Section. Three more loosely coherent sessions involved the themes of “Gender in Traditional Media”, “Public Mediations and Private Perceptions of Gender”, and “Gender in Advertising”. Below is a brief description of highlights from each session.

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