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Networks, Movements and Technopolitics in Latin America
"Networks, Movements and Technopolitics in Latin America". Edited by Francisco Sierra and Tommaso Gravante, this is the 7th book in the Palgrave/ IAMCR Series Global Transformations in Media and Communication...
Advancing Media Production Research
Media Convergence and Deconvergence
"Media Convergence and Deconvergence". The 6th title in the Palgrave/IAMCR "Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research" series. Edited by Sergio Sparviero, Corinna Peil & Gabriele...
IAMCR 2018 - Eugene, Oregon
IAMCR 2018 will take place in Eugene, Oregon, USA from 20-24 June. The conference theme is: "Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World"
IAMCR is the worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research. Its members promote global inclusiveness and excellence within the best traditions of critical research in the field.
IAMCR invites submissions of abstracts for papers and panel proposals for the IAMCR 2018 conference to be held 20-24 June at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, USA. The conference's central theme is: Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World. The deadline to submit proposals is 31 January 2018.
Children and Media in India: Narratives of Class, Agency and Social Change
By Shakuntala Banaji - This book illuminates the experiences, practices and contexts in which children and young people in diverse locations across India encounter, make, or make meaning from media in the course of their everyday lives.
Crime Statistics in the News
By Jairo Lugo-Ocando - A compelling and informed text, this book will be of interest to scholars and students of criminology and journalism alike.
Becoming Digital: Toward a Post-Internet Society
By Vincent Mosco - This timely book explores this potential as both a reality on the horizon and a myth that inspires a new religion of technology.
IAMCR's Communication Policy and Technology Section will co-sponsor CGIG-ARTS 2018 - The Second European Multidisciplinary Conference on Global Internet Governance Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies, to be held 26-27 April 2018 in Cardiff. See the call for proposals.
Six projects were recently selected to receive seed funding from an IAMCR programme that seeks to support activities that benefit the association and its membership.


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