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IAMCR 2016 - Leicester, UK
The theme of IAMCR's 2016 conference will be "Memory, Commemoration and Communication: Looking Back, Looking Forward". It will be held at the University of Leicester from July 27-31, 2016.
IAMCR is the worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research. Its members promote global inclusiveness and excellence within the best traditions of critical research in the field.
IAMCR submission to BBC hearings
IAMCR made a formal submission to the British House of Lords Select Committee on Communications that is currently reviewing the BBC's charter renewal.
Media and Gender
IAMCR/UNESCO co-publication: "Media and Gender: A Scholarly Agenda for the Global Alliance on Media and Gender" - new directions for knowledge and action expanding women's communication rights.
Palgrave/IAMCR Book Series
Communication rights and social justice
"Communication Rights & Social Justice: Historical Accounts of Transnational Mobilizations". The first title in the "Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research" series.
IAMCR invites submissions of abstracts for papers and panel proposals for the 2016 IAMCR conference to be held from 27 -31 July, 2016 in Leicester, UK. The conference theme is Memory, Commemoration and Communication: Looking Back, Looking Forward.
Gender and Media: Representing, Producing, Consuming
By Tonny Krijnen and Sofie Van Bauwel -
Why do some TV genres have the label feminine or masculine? Why do we worry about boys playing video games too much while girls play just as often? Is the TV show Sex and the City empowering or not? Why are recent television shows like...
Anti-Austerity and Media Activism is an IAMCR 2016 pre-conference that will seek to highlight the connections between austerity and the media and, in particular, to highlight the role of communications in fostering anti-austerity movements.
A recent survey of IAMCR members sought to gauge interest in whether the association should take a more active role defending academic freedom and promoting better employment standards in the field. The high level of support encountered makes the relaunch of the Committee for the Improvement of Academic Life, with a mandate to work on these issues...
Journalism, Representation and the Public Sphere
Edited by Leif Kramp, Nico Carpentier, Andreas Hepp, Ilija Tomanić Trivundža, Hannu Nieminen, Risto Kunelius, Tobias Olsson, Ebba Sundin and Richard Kilborn -
How do journalism, the various representations and public spheres of European cultures and societies change?
Media, Margins and Popular Culture and Media, Margins and Civic Agency
Edited by Einar Thorsen, Daniel Jackson, Heather Savigny, Jenny Alexander
Two new books on media and margins, by academics from Bournemouth University.


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