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The mission of this Section is to provide a space for dialogue among all those who are interested in the broadest issues and problems of global communication. The limitations to communication across distances have been displaced, but in their place new challenges and opportunities have arisen.

Colleagues in the International Communication Section continue to be interested in the intersection of globalisation and media, including, for example, issues of information flow, freedom of expression, various dimensions of media and development, global media ethics, the media's role in foreign policy-making, media and diaspora, global literature and other arts, science communication, etc.

This section also considers the role of the media in constructing a sense of community across borders, including the development of virtual communities and the uses of new media, their implications for organisations and employment, and the construction of audiences. Active participation is invited from academics and professionals who seek to associate with a community of researchers intersted in these and related subjects.

Section Head:
Herman Wasserman [contact]
Section Vice-Head: Tania Rosas Moreno[contact]
Section Vice-Head: Karen Arriaza Ibarra [contact]

(*) Section Head

IAMCR 2014: International Communication Section - CfP - Deadline 10 February

Call for Proposals - IAMCR 2014

The International Communication Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) invites submissions of abstracts for papers and panel proposals for the IAMCR 2014 conference to be held from 15 to 19 July, 2014 in Hyderabad.

Conference website: