Pre-conference events

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IAMCR 2024 offers opportunities for IAMCR members and partners to organise conferences, seminars and workshops prior to the main IAMCR conference hosted in Christchurch from 30 June to 4 July 2024. Pre-conferences can be from one half to 2 days in duration and can take place in the days immediately prior to the main conference, in nearby locations or locations that are a natural stopping off point for international travellers1. The events seek to make efficient use of resources, such as participant travel and availability of speakers, to the benefit of both the main IAMCR conference and the pre-conference event.

Pre-conference events can be organised by individual or institutional IAMCR members alone or in partnership with others. Approved events will be featured on the IAMCR 2024 website, social media and newsletters. They will promote their association with IAMCR 2024 and encourage participants and speakers to attend the main conference.

IAMCR and pre-conference event organisers are invited to explore possibilities for cooperation with the main conference, for example: reporting back to the main conference, collaboration on costs of invited speakers, joint publications, etc.

Pre-conference event organisers should submit a formal application for consideration by the Conference Organising Committee (COC).

The IAMCR 2024 Local Organising Committee (LOC) can provide space at the University of Canterbury campus and help pre-conference organisers find other suitable spaces and catering for their events. However, the organisation of the pre-conferences relies fully on the applicants. IAMCR is not able to provide support for registration, collection of fees or reception of proposals.

The LOC can also provide a list of venues, such as hotels or other venues where meetings can be held. It cannot help with information or in other ways for pre-conference events organised outside of Christchurch.

Pre-conference event organisers may charge a reasonable registration fee to cover costs. If a fee is charged, it is expected that IAMCR members will be eligible for a discounted rate.

How to apply

If you want to organise a pre-conference event, please complete this application form. Two application periods are open with the following deadlines: 9 January and 9 February. Decisions will be made quickly, no later than 2-3 weeks after each deadline. We strongly recommend that you send your application as soon as possible..

1 For example, a city that is a major airline hub between Europe and New Zealand, or the Gold Coast (or nearby Brisbane) where ICA’s 2024 conference concludes a few days before IAMCR begins. The idea is to take advantage of the travel of participants, not to add substantially to financial and environmental costs.

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