Communication as Co-Creation – Collaborative Expression Through Engaged Media Practice

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An IAMCR pre-conference


IAMCR Conference’s theme of ‘weaving people together’ places emphasis on the power arising from people working in unison towards a shared goal. When mediated communication is built on common traits, the differences that may exist in multicultural contexts can be superseded. It follows that communication can also be regarded as a project in the hands, and influenced by the will, of the communicators.

At the same time, different forms of engagement with and between communicators give rise to processes of collaborative expression that aim not only at creating a shared understanding, but also at producing a weave of narratives or at advocating for meaningful changes. This novel communicative texture invites collaboration from and between multiple actors, including community media outlets, participatory media initiatives, non-governmental organisations, indigenous groups, climate activists, journalists, humanitarian workers, rights advocates, academics and gender campaigners.

Abstract submission

From the ideas described above, this event invites submissions that address topics, theories, case studies and initiatives related, but not exclusive, to participatory communication, communication for development and social change, alternative media, media development, media literacies, environmental communication and the politics of the Anthropocene.

Extended abstract submission deadline: 1st April 2024

Email: Valentina Baú, cc: Hart Cohen,

Call for papers

Download the call for papers

Date and time

27 June 2024 | 08h30 -17h00


Western Sydney University, Parramatta City Campus, Peter Shergold Building, Sydney, Australia

Participation and registration

This is a free event with mandatory registration for interested participants. An Eventbrite link will be provided.


This event is convened by Dr Valentina Baú (Institute for Culture & Society and Humanitarian & Development Research Initiative) and Professor Hart Cohen (School of Humanities & Communication Arts and Institute for Culture & Society) from Western Sydney University. Valentina and Hart have a long-lasting involvement with IAMCR and particularly its conferences.

Valentina is a Communication for Development scholar who is a member of the Participatory Communication Research section, Community Communication & Alternative Media section, and Rural Communication section. Hart is a Professor and Discipline Leader for Communication and Media in the School of Humanities & Communication Arts. He is associated with the Community Communication & Alternative Media section and has a track record in community collaborations on documentary film productions.


  • Dr Valentina Baú, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University
  • Professor Hart Cohen, School of Humanities, Communication and Arts, Western Sydney University
  • Professor Nichole Georgeou, Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI), Western Sydney University

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