IAMCR Newsletter - June 2020

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Welcome to the IAMCR newsletter

This newsletter is being sent to all IAMCR members. Read on for news about IAMCR, the IAMCR 2020 conference, and matters of interest to the global media and communication research community.

IAMCR election results

Last month IAMCR's membership elected a new Executive Board and International Council. The new leadership will take over during the online General Assembly on 17 July. See the complete election results here >

Letter from the president

Janet Wasko - IAMCR has experienced key moments and memorable periods over the years. A quick review of the history of the organisation reveals periods of reform, renewal, and now resilience. This year, it appears that we are continuing to move into an era of reimagining the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of communication research within the 21st century. Read more >

Letter from the president-elect

Nico Carpentier - When elections take place, they combine disruptive and constructive elements. They are reasons to celebrate and regret, to look to the future and to the past. They change and consolidate all at once. I will not hide the enjoyment that I feel, at this very moment, nor the relief. A considerable part of the relief is triggered by the good turnout. IAMCR’s democracy deeply matters. Read more >

IAMCR 2020 Update

From 12 to 17 July 2020 IAMCR’s annual conference will take place at Tampere University in Finland and wherever you are. For the first time in the history of the association every member will be able to join our annual conference, without taking a flight or booking a hotel. Below are some links to several articles and resources that will help you as you prepare to join us at https://iamcr.org/tampere2020

The conference draft programme and the programme of plenary sessions

The abstracts of papers accepted for presentation in Online Conference Papers by the 26 participating sections and working groups.

Submit your paper or learn more about how Online Conference Papers will work, including submission format, and modes of participation.

IAMCR 2020 from Kaarle's perspective

As Covid-19 made its way around the world in the first few months of the year, Kaarle Nordenstreng, chair of the Tampere LOC, IAMCR’s unofficial historian, and a member of the association since the 5th conference in 1966, was suddenly catapulted from his role as active observer to central actor when Tampere University became the host, first of a face-to-face and then an online conference. Read an account from Kaarle’s perspective of how things developed. Read more >


Elections for section and working group heads

In addition to this year’s election for Executive Board and International Council, several sections and working groups will be electing their heads online from 6 to 12 July. See detailed information about the elections. Nominations will continue to be received until 10 June. You must be a registered member of a section or working group on 10 June 2020 to be able to vote in its election. To check if you are a member, login to your account and click on My Sections and Working Groups.

Awards 2020

The winners of three IAMCR awards have been announced. They are: 

IAMCR statement in support of French community radio station

On 10 May a group of masked persons forced their way into the premises of Radio d'Ici, a community radio station in Saint-Julien-Molin-Molette, Department Loire, France, vandalised the studio, destroyed sound and recording equipment, and painted fascist and white supremacist symbols on the walls. IAMCR issued an urgent call for investigation of the attack, for appropriate sanctions to be imposed, and for the resources the station needs to resume broadcasting to be provided as rapidly as possible. 

This statement was drafted by IAMCR’s Clearinghouse for Public Statements, which processes statements and/or manages the process of signing statements generated by others, that are principally concerned with issues relating to media/communications and where IAMCR members have substantive scientific expertise that provides a basis for seeking to influence discursive or material practice.

IAMCR members support UNESCO initiative

On 19 March IAMCR appealed to its members for help translating the UNESCO publication, “Journalism, Fake News & Disinformation”, into new languages. According to UNESCO, making the handbook widely available in several languages was a priority as disinformation escalated amid the Covid-19 pandemic. IAMCR members responded enthusiastically and more than 200 offers of support were received. The handbook is being translated into 30 new languages. Thank you to all the IAMCR members who offered to help! Read more > 


Political Economy of Communication journal

Vol.7, no.1 of the Political Economy of Communication journal is now available online. The journal of IAMCR's Political Economy Section is free and open access. Read more > 

Recent books by IAMCR members

IAMCR's members' books section features recent books by our members. Visit the section to see all of the recent publications >