IAMCR 2020 Online Conference Papers

IAMCR 2020 Online Conference Papers is a space for IAMCR members to present and get feedback on their work and/or to get certification of their presentation of a conference paper. More than 680 short papers (1,000 to 4,000 words) have been submitted to the 26 participating thematic sections and working groups. The section or working group heads have organised them into “panels”. All panels and papers will be published on 12 July, the first day of the conference, and will remain online until 12 September. The panels are collections of papers grouped by the heads of the sections and working groups. Online papers are text. They do not have video presentations.

The panels have been assigned chairs and discussants to facilitate online comments and discussion. All IAMCR members will be able to access the papers and to add their written comments and questions to the online dialogue.

For more detailed information, particularly about the roles of authors, chairs, respondents and discussants, follow the links below:

The accepted abstracts of each section and working group have been compiled and are available here. These abstract books include abstracts that were accepted but not submitted.

IAMCR Online2020 also features Online Sessions and Plenaries