IAMCR 2020 Online Conference Papers

IAMCR 2020 Online Conference Papers is oriented to IAMCR members who want to present and get feedback on their work and/or to get certification of their presentation of a conference paper. It will also be a valuable repository with a significant body of current work. Within this model, authors of accepted abstracts will be able to submit conference papers of 1,000 to 4,000 words. The submissions will be “curated” by the section or working group heads, who will classify them according to broad themes or organise them into “panels”. The papers will remain online for at least several weeks and the heads of the sections and working groups may name discussants and facilitate online comments and discussion. All IAMCR members with accepted abstracts will be able to “present” one conference paper. There will be a registration fee of $25 for presenters and all IAMCR members not presenting will be able to access the presentations and comment for free.

Final conference papers of 1,000 to 4,000 words must be submitted by 19 June. There will be a submission fee of US $25 and you must be a member of IAMCR at the time of submitting.

Submit your Online Conference Paper

Abstracts have now been reviewed by all sections and all but one working group. The accepted abstracts of each section and working group have been compiled and are available here.

IAMCR Online2020 will also feature Online Sessions and Plenaries

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