Members' books

In this section we announce recently published books by IAMCR members to the IAMCR community. If you are a member of IAMCR and would like to have your recent book listed, send us a message...

Data Justice

Edited by Lina Dencik, Arne Hintz, Joanna Redden and Emiliano Treré, this book outlines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, exploring how societies are, will, and should be affected by data-driven technology and automation.

The Wireless World

By Simon J. Potter, David Clayton, Friederike Kind-Kovacs, Vincent Kuitenbrouwer, Nelson Ribeiro, Rebecca Scales, and Andrea Stanton, this book sets out a new research agenda for the history of international broadcasting, and for radio history more generally.

Digital Humanism

By Christian Fuchs, this book explores how Humanism can help us to critically understand how digital technologies shape society and humanity, providing an introduction to Humanism in the digital age.

Total Journalism

Edited by Jorge Vázquez-Herrero, Alba Silva-Rodríguez, María-Cruz Negreira-Rey, Carlos Toural-Bran and Xosé López-García, this book aims to explore the diverse landscape of journalism in the third decade of the twenty-first century, constantly changing and still dealing with the consequences of a global pandemic. 

Aerial Play

By Julia M. Hildebrand, this book offers a unique interdisciplinary exploration of the spatial, mobile, visual, and relational dimensions of aerial play by drones.

Red Lines

By Cherian George and Sonny Liew, this book, rendered entirely in graphic form, is a survey of 21st century censorship as experienced by political cartoonists around the world.

Digital Roots

Edited by Gabriele Balbi, Nelson Ribeiro, Valérie Schafer and Christian Schwarzenegger, this book analyzes some of the most well-known and fiercely discussed concepts of the digital age from a historical perspective. Open access available.

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