ICA Partner Session - Trustworthy and Responsible AI: Communication Perspectives



AI is now replacing, assisting, and/or augmenting human communicators in diverse roles, thereby altering the processes and outcomes of communication in a substantial way – for better or worse. This session brings together communication/media/journalism scholars who directly tackle the questions of what challenges and opportunities recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have presented in different communication contexts. In particular, participants will discuss the matters of trust and responsibility of AI from psychological, political, and socio-cultural perspectives. 

Date and Time

Wednesday July 12th | 14h00 - 15h30


Amphithéâtre de la médiathèque


Eun-Ju Lee (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)


  • Andrea L. Guzman (Northern Illinois University)
  • Maximilian Eder (LMU Munich) 
  • Sun Sun Lim (Singapore Management University) 
  • S. Shyam Sundar (Pennsylvania State University)


  • Responsible, Accountable, Transparent – Is There a Rat in Guidelines for Ethical AI? - Sun Sun Lim (Singapore Management University) 
  • Accurate Calibration of Trust Important for Responsible AIS. Shyam Sundar (Pennsylvania State University)
  • A Human-Machine Communication Perspective on the Study of AI within CommunicationAndrea L. Guzman (Northern Illinois University)
  • Journalism at the Algorithmic Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities of Responsible AI - Maximilian Eder (LMU Munich) 

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