Online Conference Papers - OCP23
26 June to 12 September
Inhabiting the planet: Challenges for media, communication and beyond

Lyon 2023 online

Online Conference Papers (OCP)

OCP23, the online component of the 2023 conference, is now over. With 1,676 papers and more than 200 presentations by authors in 86 countries, the 2023 edition of OCP covered a wide range of topics, including many related to our 2023 conference theme. The papers and presentations are no longer accessible. However, we invite you to read the original abstracts of the papers accepted for presentation onsite (Lyon23) and/or submitted online (OCP23) in the abstract books

Flow34: Virtual Cinema

Flow34 is a platform specifically designed to showcase innovative audio and/or visual contributions. The 2023 edition of Flow34 features 13 videos and 2 podcasts categorized under 5 themes. The videos remain accessible online.

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