Collaboration: challenges and opportunities for media, communication and beyond #CMW23

30/05/2023 - The organisers of this pre-conference have announced that it has been postponed. For more information contact Elvira García de Torres or Concha Edo

An IAMCR pre-conference


It often happens that collaboration between business, non-profit, health, and educational agencies is championed as a powerful strategy to achieve a vision otherwise not possible when independent entities work alone (Gajda, 2004). However, the definition of collaboration is elusive, and it is often difficult for organizations to put collaboration into practice and assess it with certainty.        

When it comes to media, creative industries, and journalism, collaboration helps actors to face digital challenges and increase the efficiency and quality of innovation in methods and formats, sustainability, and content exchange. It also raises valuable challenges and concerns, especially to unify criteria, as “alliances are successful when key individuals connect personally and emotionally with the alliance’s social purpose and with one another” (Austin, 2000).       

All types of collaborative strategies, challenges, and opportunities are considered in this Call for Papers, understanding collaboration in a broad sense: theory, practice, and principles. We invite research papers that address collaboration within/outside the media sector, in the same or different markets, cross-border, participatory co-creation, and with the aid of artificial intelligence tools.

Date and time

Saturday 8 July 2023 / 08h00 to 13h00


Lyon (France) – Specific location to be announced.

Registration and Participation 

To participate, an abstract of 300-500 words, in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese, must be sent to: Dr. Elvira García de Torres,, and Dr. Concha Edo, Abstracts will be selected by peer review. Registration is required upon receiving notification of acceptance. Participation is free. 

Key dates

  • April 30 Deadline for abstracts submission
  • May 15 Notification of acceptance to authors
  • May 30 Deadline to confirm participation
  • May 30 - June 30 Registration
  • June 15 Draft Programme available
  • June 30 Final Programme available
  • July 8 Pre-Conference event


Spain’s National Research Project "Media alliances as an engine for the survival of journalism in the face of disintermediation and disinformation. Consortia and collaborative journalistic projects" funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain (PID2021-125724OB-C21).


  • Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group – IAMCR
  • Media Production Analysis Working Group - IAMCR

Organising Committee

  • Concha Edo Bolos. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Co-Chair Media Production Analysis Working Group
  • Elvira García de Torres. UCHCEU-CEU Universities. Chair Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group
  • Kanchan Malik. University of Hyderabad. Vice-Chair. Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group
  • Teresa Nicolás Gavilán. Universidad Panamericana, Mexico . Vice-Chair. Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group
  • David Parra Valcarce. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Anna Zoellner. Leeds University. Co-Chair Media Production Analysis Working Group

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