Special Session - Reflections on the International Association for Media and Communication Research: Many Voices, One Forum – Book Launch


Past IAMCR President, Janet Wasko, created an IAMCR History Commission in 2018, chaired by Professor Jörg Becker, to produce a collection of papers capturing the Association’s history from its establishment in 1957. The book contains 34 chapters focusing on prominent areas of research, political struggles across the East and West and global North and global South, selected accounts of country and regional research, and reflections on the scholarly and institution-building contributions of George Gerbner, James Halloran, Stuart Hall, Herbert I. Schiller, and Dallas W. Smythe. This history offers insight into the controversies, conflicts, failings, and achievements by IAMCR members who contributed to the development of media and communication research and journalism practice over an extended period. 

The Commission’s work was guided by its members Binod Agrawal, Cees Hamelink, Robin Mansell, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Usha Raman, Sandra Ristovska and Eduardo Villanueva-Mansilla (at various times including Ulla Carlsson and the late Annabelle Sreberny and the late Binod Agrawal). The Commission’s work was also supported by Bruce Girard, Shruti Singhal and our Palgrave editor, Lauriane Piette. This special session, co-sponsored with Palgrave Publishers, will celebrate publication of the book edited by Jörg Becker and Robin Mansell. As a hybrid session with speakers introducing the book and drinks, the book will be available at a discounted price for IAMCR members.

Date and Time

Wednesday July 12th | 16h00 - 17h30


Salle des pas perdus


  • Joerg Becker (professor and chair of the IAMCR History Commission)
  • Robin Mansell (London School of Economics and Political Science)


Robin Mansell (London School of Economics and Political Science)


  • Jörg Becker (professor and chair of the IAMCR History Commission)
  • Janet Wasko (former IAMCR president and founder of the IAMCR History Commission)
  • Cees Hamelink (IAMCR History Commission member)
  • Robin Mansell (IAMCR History Commission member)
  • Lauriane Piette (Palgrave editor)

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