Special Session - Faster, Higher, Stronger: Mental Health Among Communication and Media Scholars


Recent evidence on the state of mental health among academics paints an alarming picture. Faculty members and PhD students around the world run a high risk of developing mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and burnout, at some point in their careers. The structural conditions of academic work, such as high publication pressure, fierce competition, and a culture of constant evaluation, may well contribute to the problem; and the pandemic has clearly intensified it. Based on a worldwide survey of media and communication scholars (n = 1028), the panel presents evidence on the mental health situation of academics in our field. Panelists discuss implications and possible ways forward from a range of relevant perspectives from within IAMCR.

Date and Time

Wednesday July 12th | 10h30 - 12h30


Salle du conseil


Thomas Hanitzsch (LMU Munich)


  • Thomas Hanitzsch (LMU Munich) 
  • Antonia Markiewitz (LMU Munich)
  • Gerard Goggin (Secretary General, IAMCR) 
  • Stephanie Hill (Co-Chair, IAMCR Emerging Scholars Network) 
  • Fiona Martin (IAMCR Committee for the Improvement of Academic Life)

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