FAQ - Registration

See the frequently asked questions below. If your question about registration isn't answered, contact registrations2023@iamcr.org.


When can I register?

Registration for Lyon23 is now open. Eligible authors have been sent personal invitations to register via email and must complete their registration by 10 May. Authors who have not registered by 10 May will be removed from the programme and their place will be offered to someone on the registration waitlist

Registration for OCP23 only is free for all IAMCR members and general registration for it will open 20 June.

Authors submitting a paper will be able to do so from 15 May to 5 June on this website.

All registrations will be done on the conference website.

How much does registration cost for the onsite conference in Lyon (Lyon23)?

As always, registration for the face-to-face conference (Lyon23) is on a sliding scale, with lower fees available for students and for scholars in low and middle income countries. See the conference registration fees for those presenting in Lyon. You must be a member of IAMCR to register.

Registration for Lyon23 gives you free access to OCP23, the online component, and enables you to submit your paper without cost.


How much will registration cost for Online Conference Papers (OCP23)?

There is no registration fee for OCP23, the online component of IAMCR 2023, but you must be a member of IAMCR.

There is a US$ 25 submission fee for each paper submitted to OCP only and the paper can only be submitted by an IAMCR member. If a paper has more than one author, only the one submitting the paper must pay the submission fee. Co-authors who are not IAMCR members will not be able to access the OCP platform but they will receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution.

What's the difference between OCP23 and Lyon23?

OCP23 (Online Conference Papers 2023) is an online space for IAMCR members to submit and get feedback on their research and to get certification for its inclusion in the IAMCR 2023 programme, without travelling to the conference site. Authors of OCP23 papers may optionally make presentations of their work available online (slides or video). Registration for OCP23 is free for all IAMCR members.

Lyon23 is the face-to-face component of the conference (9-13 July in Lyon, France). All papers presented in Lyon23 will also be included in OCP23.


Do I have to be a member of IAMCR to register?

Yes. You must be a member of IAMCR to register for OCP23 or Lyon23. Registration for OCP23, which includes access to some streaming content from Lyon23, will be free for all members.

Is there a discount for students at Lyon23?

Significant discounts are offered for fulltime students attending IAMCR 2023 in Lyon. See the conference registration fees for those presenting in Lyon.

Do I need to have a paper accepted to register for the Lyon23 conference?

Due to the limited space at the conference venue, registration is by invitation only.

Will I get a certificate?

All authors of papers submitted to OCP23 only or to Lyon23 and OCP23will receive a certificate of presentation by email following the conference.



Is financial support available?

Conference fees are set at significantly lower levels for students and for members from low and middle-income countries.

At least 25 travel grants of up to US$1,500 will be made available to early-career scholars, who are members of IAMCR, reside in low and middle-income countries, and have papers accepted for presentation at our upcoming conference in Lyon.

My paper was converted to OCP23. Can I register to attend Lyon23?

We received more than 2,800 proposals from authors wanting to present at Lyon23, while the conference venue can only accommodate 1,200 participants. This means that several hundred good papers were not accepted for on-site presentation in Lyon. If yours was one of them and you still would like to attend the conference in Lyon, sign up for the registration waitlist. If space becomes available you may be notified and offered a chance to register for Lyon23.

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