FAQ - Abstracts

The deadline to submit was 9 February. Abstract submissions are now closed and submitted abstracts are being reviewed.

See the frequently asked questions below. If your question about submissions isn't answered, contact ocp-support@iamcr.org or Telegram https://t.me/IAMCR2023_support.

Do I have to be a member of IAMCR to submit an abstract?

No. Anyone can submit an abstract. If your abstract is accepted you will have to be a member in order to submit your paper and participate in the conference. Join IAMCR here

Is there a fee for submitting an abstract?

There is no charge to submit an abstract. If your paper is accepted there will be a USD 25 submission fee for OCP23 only. The submission fee will be included in the registration fee if the submission is for Lyon23 and OCP23. Note that to submit a paper or register for the conference, you must be a current member of IAMCR.


How do I submit an abstract?

Submit your abstract at https://iamcr2023.exordo.com

Consult the ExOrdo documentation on Submitting an abstract.

You can also watch the video How to submit an abstract to IAMCR 2023.



What is a Corresponding Author?

If a paper has two or more authors, the corresponding author is the one who will be the primary contact for any communication with the conference secretariat and/or the section or working group the abstract was submitted to. There can be only one  corresponding author per abstract.

What is a Presenting Author?

A presenting author is an author who will present the paper at the Lyon conference, if it is accepted. Normally there will be only one presenting author but under no circumstances can there be more than two.

If you are submitting to OCP23 only the category of Presenting Author is not used and you can ignore it.

How do I submit a proposal for a panel?

A panel proposal is made up of several individual submissions and some supplemental information. The several individual proposals must be submitted through the ExOrdo submission platform. Get all the details and submit the supplementary information here.

When will decisions be announced?

Abstract decisions will be announced by email no later than 25 March 2023.

What decisions are possible?

Possible decisions are:

  1. Abstract declined. You are not invited to submit a paper for the 2023 conference.
  2. Invitation to submit a paper for OCP23 only.
  3. Invitation to submit a paper for OCP23 and Lyon23.

Note that even if you submit your paper for OCP23 and Lyon23 the decision may be to invite you to submit a paper for OCP23 only rather than to OCP23 and Lyon23. In this case it is not a reflection on the merit of your paper. Rather it reflects that number of quality proposals received exceeds the number that can be presented in the limited time and space available in Lyon.


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